$50 Quickie Promotion

$50 Quickie Promotion

My name is John R. Hall, owner of IdeaPerson.net and author of thousands of business articles. My 35+ years of writing experience has taken me into many publishing venues including today’s social media. The examples listed below come from my role as a writer for The Downriver Profile and  The Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News. I have also written for the former Examiner.com, where I was known as the ‘Small Business Writer.’  I published 185 blogs at this site. In addition, I have written for many local newspapers and magazines in Michigan and continue to blog all of the time right here in my 'IdeaBlog.' If you Google my name you will find thousands of published articles.

But enough about me. I’m guessing that you are a little curious by now or you wouldn’t still be reading.

I’d like to offer a different way to promote your business for virtually no cost. I would be happy to write and publish a blog just like the ones you see here and blast the blog out to my thousands (yes thousands) of social network contacts (Facebook & Linkedin). And the cost to you? Probably 10-15 minutes of e-mail correspondence and $50. 

That’s it. I’ll simply e-mail you a few basic questions about your business, ask for one good photograph, do the write-up, get your final approval, and publish it. And I'll throw in a photo or graphic,too. This can be done in less than an hour. Oh, and I’ll invoice you $50. 
And you OWN the blog so you can use it in your own marketing.
Pretty simple – and it would likely fit your budget. Please let me know if you’re interested.  
Six examples:


Answers to old car selling prices from Idea Blog:
  1. Mossy Mercury - $400
  2. Jeep Mail Truck - $400
  3. Mossy Ford Van - $500
  4. Naked Mercury - $6000
  5. Mossy Pinto - $300