Work Samples


Sample Business TIP:
Want a unique way to reward an employee or co-worker for a job well done? Or maybe you want to give a thank you gift to a customer and you want to be a little “different.” Here’s what you do: · Find out where the gift recipient likes to eat. · Buy a gift certificate to that restaurant (valuable enough for two people to dine) and ask the manager to hold the certificate until the day the recipient has decided to use it (you’ll have to ask them to block off some time in the evening for dinner). · Go online to “Mapquest” and map out the driving directions from the person’s home to the restaurant. · On the designated date, present the Mapquest map in an envelope and tell them to follow the directions to receive their gift. · You might want to throw in a complimentary bottle of wine or maybe a gift of a good book or DVD movie, anything to personalize the evening a little more. Just make sure they follow the directions – and they’ll enjoy the surprise.
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