Angels Working Overtime

Angels Working Overtime
John R. Hall
   Janet Hall was the center of her family's universe until one cold wintry night. Her death in a traffic accident left a huge hole in the family -- but there were signs that Janet was still guiding her family, even in death. As husband John struggled to raise Ryan and McKenna, there were definite signs that Janet was using her daughter's dance experiences to send a message to her grieving husband. As the fictional story draws to a memorable and climatic moment, readers will feel a wisp of hope -- a gentle breeze as Janet passes through everyone reading "Angels Working Overtime."
We walked back to the car, arm-in-arm. As we dragged our feet through the light snow covering, a thought came over me. While there may have been a lot of bare ground and dirt next to the grave, there was some untouched snow coverings further up on the side of the hill -- a great place to leave one final gesture.
"Let's make some snow angels," I said. "I don't care if you get dirty. Even Mumma would understand!"
We found a new inspiration; a new hope in such an ordinary gesture. We all lay down in the cold snow and flapped our arms and legs -- making perfect angels to look over their newest member. We carefully got up, brushed the snow off our clothes and proudly looked at our accomplishments.
"Look Daddy, mine is flying higher than Ryan's," said McKenna, returning to her boastful personality.
"I would have been higher if I was next to you," added Ryan. "I'm taller."
The kids were temporarily back to normal. I glanced further up to the top of the hill and noticed something I hadn't seen before. There, in the fresh snow was another angel. It was the size of an adult.
"I think someone else is higher," I said, pointing to the newest angel.
"Where did that come from?" asked McKenna.
I thought for a moment. "If I had to guess, I'd say heaven."
Reader Comments:
"My wife told me your book is a box of tissues to read. All I know is her eyes were red throughout the weekend. So you touched her deeply which says a lot for your writing." -- GH
"ANGELS WORKING OVERTIME" was a most fascinating book. You opened your heart and life for a rare insight into the feelings, emotions, hurts and life of the entire HALL clan. I cried with you, I laughed with you. At times I wanted to ease your grief and at other times punch you in the nose" -- AY
"Excellent story! I wish I wouldn't have read it all last night so that I could read more of it today. I hope you write more books" -- CE
"This is an awesome book and I recommend it for anyone to read!" -- JH
"I have only read technical books for the past fifteen years. I couldn't put this down. What a great story!" -- KO
"I thought it was a good story and very believably written. It is a good thing that you clearly identified that it was a work of fiction in advance. Otherwise, we would all have been sending you cards. Sweet ending." -- SS
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